COVID-19 Updates

Outdoor Services Begin Sunday, July 19

by | Jul 16, 2020

Starting July 19th, we welcome you and your family to attend our 10am Sunday morning outdoor worship service!

We will gather toward the front of our parking lot with plenty of space to keep appropriate physical distance between other households, whether on the pavement or in the grassy areas.

There will still be an abbreviated worship service streamed online at 10, which you’ll be able to find at

See below our 10-ish Commandments for outdoor worship services. 🙂

(If God had written these and not us, I’m sure He would have been able to get them down to 10! We’re just not that good…)

  1. Thou shalt not leave your house if you feel yucky. Before you get in your car ask yourself, “Self, how are you feeling? What’s your temperature?” If you answer yourself by saying, “I don’t feel so good,” or “I might have been exposed to someone sick,” or “Golly, my temperature is higher than normal,” you need to stay at home. Get well soon!
  2. Thou shalt think carefully if you are considered “high risk.” We just want you and others to be safe, so think twice before coming if you are in a high risk category. These include but are not limited to: 65 years and older, chronic lung disease, immunocompromised, etc. But fear not! We’ll still have a short service available online as well!
  3. Thou shalt bring a lawn chair or blanket from home. Or, thou shalt risk suffering a sore bum from unforgiving metal chairs! Just kidding…they aren’t that bad. We’ll have chairs for anyone who needs one. But, you may find that you and your family will be more comfortable with your lawn chairs, or with a blanket. There will be space both in grassy areas and on pavement in the parking lot.
  4. Thou shalt read your bulletin online. Did the welcomers forget to give you a bulletin? Nope! It’s on our website, at We won’t be handing you a paper bulletin.
  5. Thou shalt go potty before you come to church. As your parents used to say, you need to use the restroom before you leave the house – at least try! We’ll have the bathrooms open, but we will try to limit the number of people who come into the building to as few as possible. So try to take care of business before you come.
  6. Thou shalt wear your mask indoors at all times. First of all, you gotta have a mask. Everyone’s doing it. This is for the health and safety of everyone in our church family. Put it on, keep it on, you’re gonna look AMAZING!!! (note: children under 5 years old, or those with known medical conditions, do not need a mask). Note: the only reason you should need to go into the church building is to use the bathroom, in case you forgot to go before you came to church (see commandment 5).
  7. Thou shalt maintain a physical distance. We’ve been so far apart for so long, but now is not yet the time for hugs and handshakes. Please stay about 8.5 Bibles apart from each other (that’s 6 feet to those of you on the metric system). Stay this far away at all times – entering, exiting, etc. Brush up on your hand waving skills – you’re gonna need it!
  8. Thou shalt socialize with like-minded folks after service!!  Yes, even those of you who don’t much care for the after-church small talk. Be honest; even if you’re introverted, you’re still at least a little people-starved. It has been TOO LONG since we’ve been able to gather together!! So, once the service is over, be sure to stick around for a little while to connect with members of your church family that you haven’t seen in a while.
  9. Thou shalt report if you fall ill after being at church. If you start to feel sick and COVID-ish anytime in the next several days, please report immediately to Tom or someone on the leadership team. We’ll need to take measures to inform anyone you might have come in contact with at church.
  10. Thou Shalt Not Be Late! It’s going to take a few minutes to figure out where everyone will sit for the service. So, you’re going to have to (take a deep breath) arrive up to 15 minutes early. We’ll have ushers ready to help you. They know what’s up.
  11. Thou shalt be flexible. This is the first time we’ve done church in a pandemic. We are all trying our hardest to make it great, but it’s going to look, sound, and feel wonky for a while. Your patience is a blessing.

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