COVID-19 Updates

In-Person Worship Suspended: Online Services @ 10am

by | Nov 18, 2020

This year has gone nothing like we planned. 

(Gee, way to state the obvious, Pastor Tom…)

We’ve had to adjust plans in nearly every area of our lives this year. As we approach the holidays, the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic are even more present than they’ve ever been.

All the while, we’ve been walking through the book of Philippians in November, a book that reminds us over and over how we can be Surprised by Joy, no matter our circumstances. 

It seems this will be put to the test once more.

In response to the most recent three-week pause that limits indoor, in-person gatherings, we will be suspending our in-person services and returning to Online Worship this Sunday, at 10am. 

Friends…I know this is hard. I don’t want to gloss over that. I wish things were different. I wish we could gather on Sunday. I miss seeing you all.

But I also firmly believe that God wants to do something really special in and through us this holiday season. And, I believe our best chance to fully walk in that and find joy will be to embrace what we’ve been given, and seek to live into it as best we can. 

We can be Surprised by Joy in ALL our circumstances…even these.

I hope you’ll be with us this Sunday during our Online Worship Service at 10am. 

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Tom

How to worship with us online at 10am

The BEST way to watch the service AND interact with your church family during the service is at
Seeing your name in the chat window isn’t quite the same as seeing your face…but we miss you, and want to see you however we can. 🙂

You can watch the service through our Facebook or Youtube pages, if that makes it easier to stream it on a Smart TV or something like that. You’ll just miss out on the awesome chat going down on our online church platform. (Your loss, dude.) 
(That’s also where you can find video of the whole service afterwards, in case you miss it live.) 

To watch a past message, you can go to (Or you can listen to one.)

Also, Beth is still making AWESOME content for kids that they can watch either during the service while you watch the main services, or any other time during the week. Check those out at

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Join us!

Worship with us online, this Sunday at 10:00 am